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 I've always acted -and continue to act- as a bridge to assist in closing the gap of separation that exists within the liminal spaces of humanities' individual & collective consciousness and unconsciousness. As my pursuit to devote myself to my own empowerment, alignment and enlightenment strengthens, this art of Bridging Liminality continues to expand and take on new & unexpected forms. 

Working within the RAINBOW spectrum, both seen and unseen, I bring in new, vibrant COLOR and alchemical energies to others' energy field and perception of awareness. This embodiment is uniquely distinct to each situation & individual as some circumstances may require sound or even movement to initiate fresh new frequencies of color to be personified. This delicate work supports one in releasing old, outdated patterns that no longer serve one's Highest Expression and when necessary, allows one to become consciously aware of these patterns so they can be intentionally released through CHOICE. This magnum opus also brings in futuristic energy that is aligned with one's Highest Self, Destiny Paths and Truest Expression. Essentially, my energy acts as a CATALYST to boost and energize those I work with to new heights within their True Expression.

My work is a Masterpiece... in that I allow My Highest Self and High Guides to direct it as I surrender my will to Divine Will and allow the Masterful unfoldment and weaving together of magick, medicine and energy in ways that I could not consciously conceive of. My work ranges from Energy Healing to High Magical Alchemy to 1:1 Mentoring Programs (available seasonally).

My Magick & Medicine

Energy is my first language. I communicate with a person's bio-energetic field to empath what it is that may need to shift in order to bring in greater wholeness (healing), coherence and synergy to the body, mind and Spirit. I work with a wide range of techniques and frequencies and High Benevolent Beings to restore balance and Order to a persons Bio-energetic Operating System (BOS).

I have trained for many lifetimes as a healer, Shaman, Mystic, Wizard, Witch (etc) and the like in order to anchor all of the experience & Knowledge I have acquired in these parallel life-streams into THIS incarnation during this pivotal time of Ascension on Earth. I am re-membering all of the Medicine, Magick and High Alchemy -as well as the "dark side" of other life streams - so as to assist others in remembering their Sovereignty as a Divine Light Being. I'm here to support others in integrating and alchemizing the shadow aspects within, in Order to create True harmonic resonance and balance needed for One's Ascension and Alignment to their True Self. I am not the "end all be all" by any means, I am simply a unique piece of the human puzzle. I serve as a Catalyst to ALL who enter my space and exponentially more so to those who I exchange energy with.

In addition to remembering and unlocking the magick & medicine within my very blood, bones, Being & BOS, I have also attained certain skills here on Earth in this life that served as a catalyst to open me up to my greater purpose to serve ALL I encounter in the Highest and Best Way. Here's a short list:

*Usui Reiki Master

*Holy Fire Reiki Master

*Karuna Ki Reiki Master

*Arcturian Healing Light

*Planetary Healing


*Light Language & Channeled Movement

*Channel for Divine frequencies

*Channeled Artwork

*Photographer & Editor

*Empowered & Sovereign Empath

*Ancestral Healing

*Belief Template swapping

*Gridwork for Gaia

*Soul Retrieval

* Death Doula (helping ppl and animals crossover)

*High Magick Alchemy & Alchemizing One's Shadow

My mission is to provide emotional, spiritual and mental support through the transmission of energy, so that you may empower yourself along your journey back to wholeness & harmonic resonance.

If you feel called, check out my offerings page below for a complete list of my current services as they often change.

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