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Private Readings

Receive a private in depth intuitive reading designed to bring awareness to any emotional, mental and physical patterns that no longer serve your Highest Good. OR if you feel you need guidance on a specific issue or topic, bring your questions! Come prepared with up to 3 questions and a journal/notepad to take note of any awareness's that surface for you. Questions are not required to receive as your Highest Self will stream through the required information for your Highest Good. Energy Work & Healing frequencies will be streamed throughout the session to support your process of awareness and catalyze healing where it's needed. The intention with this offer is to activate awareness & catalyze inspired action & implementation of the energy medicine and insights received during your session that will support you along your journey in the Highest and Best Way. Choose from 2 options.

Please include your email during checkout so I can contact you OR message me directly at after paying so that we can set up a time for your session.

*Note- If paying through PayPal, please check the "friends and family" box to ensure I receive FULL payment OR pay extra and choose the "goods and services" option. Thanks!

If you've received a *paid* reading from me on one of my TikTok Lives, receive $20 off of a private reading with me (Option #1 only) 

Option #1: 1hr session

Meeting via Zoom. Receive a recording of your session.


Option #2: Audio Recording

Recording sent to you via email. Recording times vary, however, most last approximately 1 hour.


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