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Looking to (re)connect with a deceased loved one? O perhaps looking to connect with a Guide, Your Highest Self or another Multidimensional aspect of YOU?

As a Bridge and Intermediary, I'm able to facilitate my own unique brand of mediumship. I do not refer to myself as a medium, however.

There are 2 parts to this type of session:

Part one: Identifying

You can choose the person you want to connect with OR remain open to who wants to come through for you. I will relay any information and/or details that come through in order to identify the person(s) wanting to connect and/or bring forth messages for your Highest good. Please note that sometimes Ascended Ancestors within your lineage may come through who you may not be familiar with. I have found that, in these cases, there is deeper ancestral healing that wants to occur. Please keep this in mind if you wish to remain open for your sitting.

Part 2: Once we've identified who's coming through, then I will connect to and relay the specific messages, insights and awarenesses they want to bring in for you during your sitting. Sometimes, they will also bring forth energy work, healing and/or Light Codes that they want me to facilitate for you (which is always and only for your Highest good).

Please include your email during checkout so I can contact you OR message me directly at after paying so that we can set up a time for your session.

*Note- If paying through PayPal, please check the "friends and family" box to ensure I receive FULL payment OR pay extra and choose the "goods and services" option. Thanks!

1 hour session

Meeting through Zoom. Recording of your session available upon request.


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