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Soul Blueprint

(Re)Connect to your original Soul Blueprint. The Soul Blueprint is your unique, individuated roadmap that includes your soul's mission. It also includes, but is not limited to, your distinct energetic frequency and how to best access all of the different multi-dimensional aspects of YOU. This blueprint can become corrupted and distorted through trauma and negatively oriented patterns/systems we are indoctrinated by. This corruption can cause a separation from our innate wisdom, Knowing, talents and skills as well as the wellspring of abilities we have attained throughout lifetimes of Mastery. The Soul Blueprint offering acts as a permission slip to bring remembrance back into your cells/DNA and personal energy Matrix, re-igniting the Sacred Fire that burns within you. This is an invitation to remember just how magnificent and limitless you are! Utilizing a combination of Language of Light, sound codes and intuitive insights, I will channel your Soul Blueprint. Also included is any additional information that I'm guided to give. For example, Light Language in written form or written instructions/insights etc.

Please include your email during checkout so I can contact you OR message me directly at after paying so that I know where to send your audio recording.

*Note- If paying through PayPal, please check the "friends and family" box to ensure I receive FULL payment OR pay extra and choose the "goods and services" option. Thanks!

Audio recording sent to your email. Recording times vary.


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