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Scorpio Season: Slowing down to A L I G N

~Take only what resonates. Leave the rest.~

Emotional freedom is the phrase I hear for this Scorpio season as the five of hearts pops out in reverse. We are moving towards emotional freedom by moving T H R O U G H the many heartbreaks and traumas we have experienced in the past, on both personal and collective levels. It's time to dig DEEP for the courage it takes to face what we're about to face, in our internal world and external reality. Depth and intensity are going to make their frequencies KNOWN to us as they pass through our lives, kicking up the emotional dirt within our un/subconsciousness to be acknowledged and released. It will be unlike anything we've experienced in this life.

No longer can we run from the emotional scars we've been carrying for lifetimes... because Scorpio is all about transformation...

and, boy oh boy! When Scorpio comes a knockin' ... its time for the old to DIE so that the new can be reborn from the ashes!!

Scorpio is DEEP and INTENSE AF and right now we are being afforded the opportunity to become aware of ALL the deepest wounds we've been consciously & unconsciously running from for years (decades in many cases). The resistance we've stubbornly held onto because we were told it was our burden to bear will come to light, piercing through self-imposed illusions in our reality.

Scorpio feels a bit like the Goddess Kali-Ma to me in the sense that they both move through our lives to expose the bullshit we are needlessly clinging to so that we can R I S E into our own (em)P O W E R(ment). Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is about Power/Empowerment in all its forms. This season is going to shift power from the external to the internal in way that will bring new meaning to our lives. THIS SHIFT IS GOING TO BE DEEP AF!!! The Full "Blue" Moon on Halloween will bring deep new insights around what and who we TRULY value in our lives, giving us the opportunity to re-evaluate others' roles in our lives and restructure accordingly. This Scorpio season will illuminate the drama cycles and destructive patterns that have been programmed into our very cells.

Allowing ourselves s p a c e to self-reflect or do our shadow work will provide powerful & potent insights on how to align with our Spirit more fully. We are birthing our-cell-ves anew in this very moment. And right now is when we want to really focus on our own a l i g n m e n t to our own Highest Self/God Self. I am really feeling like our commitment (or lack thereof) to our alignment will be what grants us the ability to step into the unknown... one step after another... to become comfortable with what once brought us extreme discomfort ... and to create deeper wholeness within our BEing by coming into Divine Union with our Highest Self.

This feels like the final push right before the birth of something n e w & Divinely miraculous emerges from the void after a full cycle g r o w t h.

. . .S L O W D O W N. . .

The T I M I N G is now.

The T I M I N G is Divine...

To align with your own Spirit.


There is no thing to do other than to simply BE.

BE with Y O U.

BE with your E-motions.

Allow them to r e v e a l the dark corners of your own BEing.

There is a gift in the d a r k n e s s, it awaits your return.

There is beauty to behold in the scorpions sting.

There is medicine in the poison.

. . .S l o w D o w n to ALIGN. . .

**I was also inspired by Scorpio Season to film a tarot reading AND an Energy Transmission. Videos BELOW!!!

May this serve in the highest and best way. T


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